The Old Saw Mill Cattery & Kennels
The Old Saw Mill Cattery & Kennels

Completed November 2016                         New Indoor Deluxe Cat Pens

January 2017

Dog capacity reduced to 5 kennels with the emphasis on boarding smaller breed dogs.

Exiting customers with larger dogs are still welcome.

February 2017


Third new indoor deluxe cat  pen completed.


Two new outdoor pens delivered which will be ready for the summer season. 

May 2017 First cat in one of the new outdoor cat pens

May 2017 Stressful day when some idiot posted on facebook that I had lost a dog. Several hours and messages later she finally removed the post but it had been shared all over facebook and it took all day and help from family and fiends to sort out FAKE NEWS. This caused myself and my loyal staff so much anguish they were so upset at being accused of losing a dog when they are so proud of the care and attention they give to our boarders

February 2018

(02/02/2018 tweet from Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council)


You may have seen some reports about cases of Alabama Rot in Redcar & Cleveland.


It is right to be vigilant however please remember that there are no confirmed cases of Alabama Rot in the Redcar & Cleveland Borough.


Our Environmental Health Team are looking into the issue but currently have no evidence to suggest that the disease has affected any pets.


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